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New evaporative condenser TACE made by thermofin®:
Compact, efficient, top quality

A particularly high power requirement, combined with comparatively limited installation space strongly reduces the options of selecting suitable heat exchangers. So far, high-quality manufacturers of evaporative condensers were rare. Additionally to the increased requirements on energy efficiency and protection against corrosion, standards regarding hygiene must be respected in particular. The series TACE combines all these characteristics. thermofin® is the only company offering the evaporative condenser completely made of stainless steel with the advantages of the quality "made in Germany".
For purposes of cleaning and maintenance in the area of the upper droplet separator, the used fan nozzles can be manually tilted and fixed by a gas-filled telescopic strut. Without using tools, the air inlet elements can be easily removed and allow the direct access to the interior of the evaporative condenser. Their special honeycomb structure not only reduces the incidence of light and the associated biological growth, but also prevents, just as the droplet separators below the fans, the escape of water droplets. The fully welded water tray is executed with slope and optimised for a low filling quantity. Deposits and intensive cleaning works can be minimised.
The casing, the control cabinet, the water collection tray (SS304) as well as the heat exchanger (SS316) are standardly made of stainless steel and extensively protected against corrosion and the influence of cleaning agents. The circulation water pump is equipped with a suction basket made of stainless steel which ensures the protection against ingress of coarse dirt.
Water sound absorbers in the form of droplet separators can be optionally mounted above the water collection tray. In combination with an optimised fan design, the sound values can be reduced by several dB(A) depending on the size of the unit.

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